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Using e-cigarettes to quit smoking In recent years, e-cigarettes have become a very popular help to stop smoking aid in the UK.  They're far less harmful than cigarettes, and can help If you are struggling with pain management why not try CBD PRODUCTS ASK Online, you quit smoking for good. 
 They cannot be sold to under 18's

Water-based vaping has arrived

30% water based

Water-based vaping has arrived
Aquios AQ30 is a revolutionary new technology that enables water-based vaping. For the first time ever, the power of water has been harnessed in vaping to deliver smoother vapour, faster satisfaction and purer flavours.

Smoother Vapour
Many transitioning smokers find the sensation of vaping to be harsh initially and this can be a barrier in making the switch to a less harmful form of nicotine delivery. The inherent reduction in harshness from water-based vapour, plus the reduction in vaping temperature and PG content results in a significantly smoother vaping experience. This is a tangible advantage for new and existing vapers.

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